Please find below our formal presentation of the popular services we offer:

Locating Properties

We will locate suitable properties with the search criteria provided and if necessary enlist the help of other agents within our pre-arranged fee structure.

Legal Representation Services

Should the worst arise, we can arrange for a qualified lawyer/solicitor to represent yourselves and handle all aspects of the local law.

Maintenance Services

Any internal damages caused by the tenants can be repaired by our authorised list of contractors and we will provide as many estimates as possible. We will always avoid linking estimates with our commission to ensure that the there is no motivation to provide larger estimates than necessary

Utility Bill and Payments Management

We will find the optimal way to reduce the number of payments (and therefore transaction fees) and contracts held with utility and service providers. In addition to find the most competitive prices from providers.

Property Monitoring

Vacant properties can be monitored and inspected with a desired frequency or on an ad-hoc basis given an appropriate notice period.

Monthly Reporting

We will produce monthly reports itemising all the fixed, additional and incidental expenses incurred.

Furnishing Services

We are able to purchase, install and move furniture and electrical equipment when needed on your behalf. If necessary, we can also arrange for storage of the furniture but will not be held responsible for any losses/damages and therefore recommend insurance.

Cleaning Services

We are able to offer cleaning and maintenance services ad-hoc, typically within a few days’ notice. The price will be agreed upfront and is subject to the level of cleaning or repairs needed.